Custom Configuration


       Mid-Tower Gaming Case (white Color)                           Custom Builded System

Meet the LanBoy Air. Nearly every part on this case, even the motherboard and PSU mounts, is modular and customizable. Up to 15 exhaust fans create positive air pressure inside the case that blows dust and heat out through panel perforations. Up front, the LanBoy Air's AirMounts™ HDD mounting system literally suspends drives in mid-air for unsurpassable vibration and noise resistance. Along with its two internal 2.5" SSD bays and a front-panel USB 3.0 port, the LanBoy Air is the last word in high-flexibility PC case design

Our standard rate for custom built computer assembly is $120 flat rate, tax included, or %10, which ever is less, with a minimum charge of $50. So basically, your custom built computer can be yours for the cost of the parts, plus no more than an additional $120. That sure beats building it yourself, and finding out you didn’t design it right, ordered the wrong parts and then blew one of them up during your first computer build attempt. This is quite plausible during the do-it-yourself learning process. Keep in mind that all of our computers come with standard manufacturers warranty on all parts, which is usually around one year, as well as a 6 month warranty on all labour costs only if your custom built ProComputer system comes back into our shop for repairs.

wants to invite you into the world of custom built computers by providing you with your best computer ever. Whether you’re only running Microsoft office, or playing the latest FPS games on your souped up Core i7 with SLI GTX 580s and 48 GB of DDR III + Solid State Hard drive system, you’ll find a great price on an amazing system at ProComputer, we’re sure.

22#Widescreen Monitor
Max Resolution
1280 x 1050/60hz
Signal Input

Latitude E5520
Intel® Core™ i7-2640M (Dual Core 2.80GHz, 4M cache, Turbo
Boost Technology

Vostro 260 Mini Tower
Pentium Dual Core, Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 2GB memory, 250GB HDD